WBAT... a Web Based Application Tool

The Web-Based Application Tool (WBAT) is a comprehensive, fully customizable software system, which has become the central point of safety operations for many organizations. In addition to supporting the collection, management, and analysis of safety data, WBAT contains tools to help users identify and manage safety hazards. It supports the definition and tracking of corrective actions and assists in monitoring the effectiveness of those corrective actions. With focused tools for flight crew, cabin, dispatch, maintenance, central load planners, ground and general employee groups, WBAT has the ability to involve all employees in improving safety.

WBAT began as an ASAP and incident reporting tool and today contains extensive safety assurance modules for audits, investigations, evaluations and a system risk assessment module.  Together, these modules support service providers with SMS management and success.  The WBAT project is a community driven effort in which operators, the FAA and labor organizations work to provide feedback about the system, share best practices and define the future direction of the system. As its users continue to define its future direction, WBAT is evolving to become a complete tool for implementing a Safety Management System (SMS).

WBAT has proven effective for Major Carriers, Regional Carriers, 135/91 Operators, Helicopter EMS Operators, and Cargo Carriers. It is used by over 116 operators, 7 separate employee groups, 93 % of the operators with FAA approved ASAP programs, many operators utilize Safety Assurance and WBAT has an individual user base of over 400,000. 

WBAT - A real time solution to current safety compliance initiatives

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